A Million Little Songs

Welcome to AMLS!


Welcome to A Million Little Songs, a podcast from The Hopeful Wanderer substack. This is going to be a place where I share my poetry. Episodes are usually going to be fairly short, my ideal is to keep each one between 2-4 minutes. The majority of the time, it will just be me sharing a poem. I’m so grateful to everyone who takes the time to sign up and listen and read. Thank you!

And now, my first poem: also called A Million Little Songs. Dedicated to Carol Weaver, my first mentor.

You taught me how to sing my silent song,
to put a voice to all the pain I knew;
to conquer all the grief I dragged along,
discovering a center that was true,
reliable and certain as a stone,
a place to channel faith, both found and lost.
In singing, I am no longer alone,
not even when the tempest comes to toss
my everything into a disarray–
It happens now, again, but I arise
though battered, ever bruised. I’m here to stay
my silence shall not be my swift demise.

I write my little songs and sing them loud!
I lived my life in shame. I strive for proud.